Sunday, July 05, 2009

Going Strong . . . Sorta

This daily blogging thing kills me. Don't get me wrong -- I love blogging, but it's hard to get posts done when there's so much going on, and the kids (Sophie) are destroying the house, and I've got cooking/cleaning/laundry/unpacking/killing ants to do, and I'm tired and want to collapse into bed.

So, I'll tell you about our 4th of July tomorrow. We ate, we shot off some fireworks, we ate some more, and one of us put on a swimsuit for the first time in four years. Guess who that was?

(OK, it was me. Four years wasn't long enough, I think.)

Until tomorrow . . .


Bryan said...

I know how you feel. Right now there's far too much going on for me to have any kind of regular posting schedule.

Believe it or not, it's been at least six years since I last wore a swimsuit. I would go on indefinitely if the kids weren't pleading with me to take them swimming soon. New suit arrives today . . . we'll see how it goes.

Kathryn said...

oh those darn ants!! They invaded our house over the weekend and are crawling all over our couch for some reason. It's wierd because I just cleaned the couch, too.

Sarah Junsay said...

Yeah, this posting challenge is harder than I thought (but I'm not letting my brother beat me!!!). I'll do several posts at the same time--when I have more time--and then just schedule them to publish for the next few days. It takes the pressure off! I've got posts done for the next 3 days!