Monday, July 20, 2009

Culinary Creativity?

Sophie was snacking on some blueberries one afternoon when suddenly she goes,

"O's! O's!"

"You want some O's?" I asked.

"Ya. In white bowl," she said.

I put some Cheerios in a clear (she calls it white) bowl and set it on the table next to her blueberries.

"Milk! Milk!"

"You want milk in it?"


I pour a little milk onto her Cheerios then she immediately transferred all of her blueberries from her purple bowl to her "white" bowl.

Not a bad idea. Although, I was surprised she thought of the Cheerios while she was eating the blueberries and not vice versa.

Another concoction of hers (her first, actually) is mixing applesauce and yogurt together. Now she asks for it together, "applesauce-yogurt". One day she mixed THAT with her oatmeal. Um. . . weird. She at it all, though.

I can't say it doesn't excite me that she plays with her food like this. ;)


Jessica said...

How appropriate for your daughter to be so creative with her food. I love it.

DancingMooney ♥ said...

It's pretty cool that at such a young age, she's already trying to mix different foods together... and she seems like a pretty healthy eater too! Kudos to you both for that!