Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I hesitate saying this publicly, but I'll do it anyway. I'm getting tired of pink. Getting the girls dressed in the morning is more often than not deciding what shade of pink to put on them. When I buy clothes for them, I gravitate toward pink because it's cute. And I know it'll match other things they have. But day after day of pepto-colored clothing is starting to wear on me. Don't get me wrong, I won't hate pink forever. I just need a break. Or a baby boy. No, just a break will do for now.

We picked up a bed off of Craigslist last night (Solid oak for $40. Sweet.) for Sophie and have yet to get a mattress or bedding for it. I've been looking around the last few days, but due to my temporary aversion to pink, I'm getting frustrated. I can't seem to find something that's relatively cheap, doesn't have Hannah Montana or Disney Princesses, isn't prissy looking or entirely pink. I ordered a set today, so I'll let you know if it flies.

Steve's officially in the clinic!

My wedding ring is giving me a weird eczema-like rash on my fingers. I haven't worn it since the 4th of July and it seems to be doing better.

Sophie dropped a bunch of raisins on the kitchen floor this afternoon and said, "Eh, Heck!" (translation: What the heck?) She also said, "Dane-it" (Dangit) yesterday, too. I'm glad I don't usually swear (unless I'm really mad), or else this could be a lot worse.

We ate a lot of popsicles when it was hot. Sophie liked the coconut-lime ones. It's not supposed to get above 75 until Saturday so Mom's a happy camper.


Hilary & Adam said...

The same thing happened with Adam's ring, but it happened not very long after we got married. He had to get a new one cause he was allergic to the tungsten. Hopefully yours gets better!! Also I really like how you've been posting everyday...it gives me something to look forward to :) I love seeing pictures and little things that are going on. Your commentary just makes everything so much funnier. Love you!

Sare said...

What about pink and ORANGE...oooh. I saw a cute pink and orange "room" at IKEA when we went, and I decided then and there, when I have a girl, she will have pink and orange (like the boys stuff is all blue and lime green). Or you could go black and white and red...also classy. I am with you though. Just say NO to Disney Princesses honey,...just. say. no.

Sarah Junsay said...

Nat, the randomness of this post is cracking me up! You're so funny!

My ring is doing the same thing to me too--I haven't worn it for almost a month too--hmmmm, suspicious!

Britty said...

I got a really cute set for Lucy from Target - the Simply Shabby Chic collection. It's a pale blue and has ruffles and accents of pink. I have an aversion to pink, so I thought it was a good fit. :) Good luck!

Chelsea said...

Congrats to you and Steve! What about white sheets? You can find simple sets everywhere and for relatively little. You could always just let her snuggle with her favorite blanky if you feel the white is too monotonous!

P.S. Did you know Jenn (Smalley) Ellis just had a baby girl?

Cynthia said...

I have the same problem with my wedding ring. Every few years I take mine to the place we bought it (13 years ago at the Shane Co.) and they coat the inside of the band with Rhodium. No charge.

I can't wear earings anymore for the same reason. It's weird because I wore them for years with no problems and then suddenly one day, I couldn't without major problems within hours.

My sister has the same pink-aversion going on right now too. Afton's bedroom is plum and lavender.

And I want a coconut-lime popcicle. Yum!

ElegantSnobbery said...

This post cracked me up. What shade of pink to dress the girls in... yeah, I'm so totally there, too. Everything is PINK!

As for the bedroom... I hope you keep your pink sock monkey print despite your pink over-dose! :)

Andrea said...

The thought of having a girl and immersing myself in all that pink is slightly frightening. Don't want to do it. We'll see how I fair with that.