Thursday, July 23, 2009


A couple of months ago we had a little episode (multiple times a day, usually) where Sophie smacked Ivy in the face with something. I usually sent Sophie upstairs to her room for a couple of minutes and then I would bring Ivy up and have Sophie apologize to her and give her a kiss. This time I sent her up the stairs and she stopped halfway, sat down, and continued to cry. I picked up Ivy, who stopped crying soon after, and walked over to the stairs. When I got within a foot of Sophie, I glanced over at Ivy and she was smiling and reaching for her. Sophie said, "Sa-wee Ivy", kissed her on the head, and then we all went back to what we were doing.

Ivy's reaction really stuck with me. Before Sophie even apologized, and while her eyes were still red from crying, she had forgiven her sister. I was still upset, and I wasn't the one who got smacked in the face.

I think about this little incident sometimes and the counsel of the Savior to be as a little child -- humble, meek, forgiving. I certainly have a lot to work on, and I'm glad that my kids remind me that I need to be more Christlike.


Sare said...

I guess I wasn't so Christ-like today when I broke Asher's toy. I thought I'd teach him about repentance though, and "restore" the toy...hmm. Yeah, maybe no more toy-breaking.

Erin Ann said...

That's great. It is a good thing we learn these things from our kids, cause if they were as crazy as we are, we'd probably kill them!! Your babes are so adorable.

Beth schell said...

So cute. I'm so grateful for those kinds of moments.

our blog is private now. I wanted to invite you but I don't have your email.

Natalie said...

Beth! I totally forgot to leave a comment with my email addy.

here it is: natperry[at]gmail[dot]com

Jessica said...

They are so forgiving. I have so much to learn. :)

Cassia said...

Thank you for sharing that. What a good example and reminder to us!