Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Snowmen Need Accessories, Too

Play dough time (and coloring, too) sometimes becomes "tell mom what I want and she'll make it".

Orange Snowman . . . check.
Pink eyes . . . check.
Pink necklace . . . check.
Pink heart on the necklace . . . check.

I wonder if this snowman has a date?

Nope, just going to church with the other snowmen.

(P.S. There was a church-shaped cookie cutter along with an egg, a chick, and a rabbit in the Easter set I got a while back. It's good to know that commercialism hasn't completely taken over. . . yet.)


Sarah said...

For sure. I told Matt the other night that she'll probabaly have his dark brown eyes and olive skin. He really wants a redhead though. =J

Jessica said...

Cute post. You're so clever. How do they all like pink so much. I told Adelyn her eyes were green the other day and she corrected me and said they were pink.

Anonymous said...

Awww... your snowman looks like a valentine!

Chelsea said...

I love the pink accessories.

Also, how funny was it to me to see you won a drawing on Make It or Love it today. I love blog giveaways! Yippee!